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Facts Tennis Camp

Improvement of an individual's tennis game following the checkpoint method of training: Following the Rosenkranz Tennis School Focus Plan in our Wilson tennis academy and in conjunction with certified tennis instructors (Austria).

Tennis enthusiasts, girls and boys, from beginner to club player

How & What:
The Tennis School students are trained by the method of 'control with priority planning', learning the rules, mastering equipment, basic strokes, specialty shots and participating in a final tournament of up to 6 people. Top certified tennis coaches will bring you closer to the world of the tennis pro.

Ages 12 to 18 years

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T-shirt for all campers

By Youtels Camp coaches around the clock.

With up to 200 kids sharing similar interests and experiences at Youtels resorts there is ample opportunity to make friendships that last a lifetime! You never know, you may find out something about yourself as well!

The resort Abtenau Youtels covers 110,000 m². It is centred around the youth hostel which has 250 beds. In the comfortable dormitories, the sexes are separated of course. Fresh fruit around the clock, buffets with food (including vegetarian) and our unique self-service beverage machine (in operation 24 hours a day) supply you with the best "fuel"
to keep you going.

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Program changes:
Changes due to weather or hazardous situations, are the responsibility of the organizers. Agenda items could be replaced by appropriate program points. The programs are shown as an example to understand processes. The individual program points can be combined differently at anytime.

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