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Parents Info

How does one book a camp?

  • Booking on the Internet; fill out form and submit!
  • OR send notification (e-mail, mail or fax)
  • You will receive a confirmation invoice and relevant travel information

Who are the camp coaches?

We have found the best partners possible to take care of the camp participants. The coaches, we call them 'Camp coaches', are cool dudes, sportspeople, friends, animators, go-getters, and above all, they are responsible and will ensure the well being of your child.

The camp coaches are there for your child 24 hours a day. The camp coaches are, however, not liable For individual actions carried out by children that are irregular or illegal. To some degree, each participant must be responsible for their own behavior!

The rules and instructions of the Camp coaches and management must be followed. E.g. Lights out! - from 22:00 and mandatory for all! Rooms are allocated by gender and age group. During the entire duration of the camp (including arrival and departure) there is a general smoking ban for under-16-year-olds and total alcohol prohibition. If your child is 16 years or older, he/she may smoke where smoking is allowed. For alcohol abuse, the perpetrator is immediately excluded from the camp at their own expense
and sent home. For fire safety reasons, the rooms are not overcrowded. The custody of pocket money or other valuables can be taken care of by the Camp Coach. No liability is assumed for items that are lost during the period of the camp that a participant had themselves secured.

How you can reach your child?

Phone between 7:30 and 9:00 and 17:00 till 22:00, via fax +43/6243/4000 -5, or by e-mail -

E-mails have proven popular because they are not so time dependent.

Where your child is placed?
Youtels is the first "all inclusive" resort for teenagers. Accommodation is in shared rooms (mainly 4 beds per room). The toilets are located on the same floor and kept hygienic by us every hour during business hours and cleaned if necessary. There's hot water in each room with laundry facilities also available.

Meals are served buffet style (where there is always a vegetarian option). The receptionist is another contact for yourchild during the opening times of our kiosks.

What your child should bring besides their clothes?

What your child should bring besides their clothes?If your child must take medication or is suffering from allergies, it is important to us that the camp coaches know aboutit. Tetanus vaccination and tick protection are highly recommended. If your child at any time feels physically, ormentally unable to participate in a program exercise, they must inform us about it. We guarantee 100% discretion in thisregard.The most important thing, however, is to please bring a valid insurance card or an international health certificate.

Pocket money?

€ 40, - per week is appropriate. The spending money is required for admission to any unplanned trips, cinema visits and the like.The camp coaches deliver the daily pocket money of the children at certain times of the day. Absolute accuracy inbilling goes without saying. The rest of the pocket money will of course be returned at the end of the camp.


Insured?All guests should have adequate health insurance and liability insurance. The package price does not include insurance.Damage caused by your child may be billed directly to you. You may select the payment on your home insurance claim.I recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance, as well as all customers from abroad taking out travel insurance.If interested, we can help you.Guests from Austria: your e-card is not forgotten.

Guests from other countries: For medical expenses incurred in cash, we cover it first and charge you the originalamount given thereafter. The costs will be returned to you upon presentation of an invoice from your insurancecompany or through your relevant medical insurance provider.

E-card, health insurance card or relevant foreign health insurance.

What to pack in the suitcase?

  • Ski or snowboard clothing (hire also available)
  • Clothes and underwear for the intended length of stay.
  • Sports shoes and winter shoes with nonslip soles
  • Goggles and sunglasses
  • Towels, bath towel
  • Sunscreens
  • Backpack
  • Gloves
  • Ski or snowboard equipment (hire available)
  • Cool clothes
  • Warm clothes
  • Good humor and a nice smile

It has been shown that the labeling of garments is an advantage. Often personal items will be found by us. When theseare clearly identified, we can return them to the owner.


Youtels Young Hotels Ltd. / camps, registration number 2002/0025 on the organization list of the Federal Ministry forEconomic Affairs and Labour.

According to the travel agencies implementing Regulation (RSV), customer deposits made with the organizer travelpackages Youtels Young Hotels Ltd. / camps are protected under the following conditions: The payment is less thaneleven months before the end of the trip and a maximum of 10% of the price.

The balance is due no earlier than two weeks before travel – paying installments is possible. Any additional or earlyprepayments or residual payments may not be required and are not limited. Guarantor or insurer, the bank RaiffeissenAbtenau (bank guarantee v. 15.01.2010).

The registration of all claims in other entitlement is lost within 8 weeks from the occurrence of any insolvency by theliquidator (European Travel Insurance AG, Kratochwjlestrasse 4, A-1220 Vienna, Tel: +43 (0) 1 / 317 25 00)